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Types Of Meditation

Tuesday 29 March, 2016.

You can practice different types of meditation for stress relief, enlightenment, mindfulness or clarity. Simple meditation positions and breathing techniques to help you enjoy benefits of meditation.

All types of meditation are free, always available and very effective for stress relief and general health and well-being.

And benefits can be felt after only one session – we really recommend it!

You can learn to meditate from a book or from information on this site…

You need 5 – 20 minutes of free time with no distractions. It does help to have quietness and privacy but when you are practiced at meditation you can do it anywhere.

And the good news is, there is no “right” way to meditate…

Meditation can be done in various ways and there are many meditation techniques that you can use for achieving different goals. You must find the type of meditation that is best for you personally… And it really does not matter which meditation technique you choose, as long as you know that the foundation of all types of meditation is focus and attention.

Regular meditation, with breath-focused attention, makes you able to quickly take control of your emotions when overwhelmed by anything stressful…

Conscious breathing is a defining characteristic of all types of meditation…
And the single most effective relaxation technique is conscious regulation of your breath! You may not be able to voluntarily will yourself to be calm in a stressful situation but you can will yourself to make your breathing slow, deep, quiet and regular – and the rest will follow.

Types of Meditation Techniques

There are many different ways to meditate. We will mention the basic categories of types of meditation techniques so that you have an idea of what they involve.

  • Basic Concentration Meditation TechniquesSit in a comfortable position and just try to quiet your mind by thinking of nothing. It is not easy to begin with, but a good way to begin is to think of yourself as an ‘observer of your thoughts’. Notice what the “story-telling” voice in your head says, but do not engage with it. As thoughts materialize in your mind, just let them go. The goal of this exercise is to bring the endless stream of thoughts to a standstill. Empty your mind by means of concentration and focus… Just try this to begin with.
  • Focused Meditation Techniques

    Can meditating be as simple as paying attention to your breath for a few minutes?… Focus on something intently, but don’t engage your thoughts about it. You can focus on something visual, like a flower; something auditory, like a cd of bird song; something constant like your own breathing; or focus on a simple concept, like ‘unconditional compassion’. Some people find it easier to do this than to focus on nothing, but the idea is the same – staying in the present moment and letting go of any commentary from your conscious mind. Have a look at the Relaxation Response as a good exercise to start with. You will eventually become aware of being in an altered state of consciousness.
  • Meditation in Motion

    This one gets the body involved. You can do this meditation outside or simply as a back and forth pacing in a room. Pay attention to the movement of your legs and breathing and body as you walk, and to the feeling of your feet contacting the ground. When your mind wanders, just keep bringing it back to the process of walking and breathing. Engage in a repetitive activity… one where you completely zone in on what you are doing and become aware of nothing else. You strengthen your attention and awareness by focusing on your movements. This quiets the mind, and allows your brain to shift. Activities like yoga or a walking meditation are effective forms of this type of meditation.
  • Mindfulness Techniques

    A form of meditation that, like activity-oriented meditation, might not really seem like it belongs with types of meditation. It simply means staying in the present moment rather than thinking about the future or the past… More difficult than it seems! Mindfulness is the art of becoming deeply aware of what is here right now… Focus on sensations you feel in your body. Focus on where you feel them in your body – not judging or asking questions but just experiencing them as sensations. You can start by watching your breath, and then move your attention to the thoughts going through your mind, the feelings in your body, and even the sounds and sights around you. The key is to watch without judging or analyzing. Mindfulness techniques are different from meditations for clearing the mind, such as the first technique…Mindfulness meditations allow us to welcome our thoughts and physical sensations. Try a Mindful Eating Meditation to experience this type of meditation.
  • Spiritual Meditating

    Meditation can also be a spiritual practice. You can experience meditation as a form of prayer. Many people experience ‘guidance’ or inner wisdom once the mind is quiet, and meditate for this purpose. You can meditate on a particular question or meditate to clear your mind and accept whatever comes that day.

Tip from the experts

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More Useful Information

  • The Basic Concentration Technique is a good type of meditation to start your practice with. Incorporate breath control exercises for maximum relaxation and stress relief. I always suggest this simple meditation exercise for clients who are wanting to get used to a meditation practice.
  • Try these 2 meditation positions and find out which is more comfortable for you.
  • Color Meditation is a great way of balancing your system and restoring that energy and creativity that always seem to be in short supply when you are dealing with stress!
  • Try Active Visualization for changing the way you “see” a stressful situation.
  • And Passive Visualization for an instantly calming and destressing “escape” from the effects of stress.
  • Practice the Standing Meditation and experience a good work-out for both body and mind!
  • Many people have heard of transcendental meditation. It is excellent for stress relief but you do need a teacher to guide you. Click here to read more about it.

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