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Stress And Anxiety

Sunday 14 June, 2020.


STRESS and ANXIETY! These two words have become part of our everyday language, and the conditions have become part of our everyday life.

Are anxiety and stress the same thing?…

Yes and No…

In fact, anxiety is a reaction to stress. I like to think of anxiety as “stress gotten out of control”.


The mind creates symptoms of stress and anxiety…

One of the facts of living in South Africa is that we have to be VERY safety and security conscious. If I hear an unfamiliar noise in the vicinity of my home, I go into full fight/flight alert. My body reacts with a stomach lurge and tense muscles. Once I ascertain that it was the wind and not a burglar, I can relax and breathe easily again!

Talk about stress and anxiety!…

Me thinking that I was in possible danger was all that was needed for the stress chemicals to be released.

Your body doesn’t know the difference between an imagined threat and a real one…

Your system responds the same whether a threat is real or imagined. So worrying about an interview or facing a real life horror, your body will react to both with symptoms of anxiety and stress.

So, while the symptoms of both stress and anxiety are caused by the same chemical reaction in your body…

* STRESS is a normal response to a threatening situation

* ANXIETY is largely caused by worry

And what do we usually worry about? Well, my biggest worries are about things that haven’t yet happened.

Anxiety makes your body think there is real danger so that a mere worrying thought can cause you to experience stress symptoms.

In other words, we could say that stress is a low-grade feeling of tension whilst anxiety is often a feeling of apprehension or fear. And often you can’t pinpoint what is making you feel fearful – this adds to your distress.

We must remember, however, that a degree of anxiety is normal and natural and can actually help you deal with certain situations by making you focus on the task and get it sorted out. It is chronic or prolonged anxiety that is unhealthy and, if not dealt with correctly, can really interfere with your ability to live a normal life.

The words ‘stress’ and ‘anxiety’ do describe the same experience – your heart-rate increases, sweaty palms, churning stomach. But the difference between anxiety and stress is that anxiety is usually perceived as more short-term, whereas stress can last for weeks, months, or even years.

Although anxiety is an unpleasant emotion and we’d prefer to avoid it, it can draw our attention to unconscious fears. This gives you the chance to have a look at what worries you, and then DO something about it! Looking at anxiety from this perspective enables you to “make friends” with it and use it to your advantage.

Both stress and anxiety have their place in our day-to-day lives BUT the key is to prevent either of them from overwhelming you.

Stay with us and find out more about the cause of anxiety.

It is important to know your own limit

What amounts to “too much” stress for me might not be so bad for you! Some people roll with the punches, while others crumble at the slightest obstacle or frustration. Some people even seem to thrive on the excitement and challenge of a high-stress lifestyle…

Your ability to tolerate stress and anxiety depends on many factors! These include the quality of your relationships, your general outlook on life, your emotional intelligence, and genetics.

How To Treat Anxiety

We share our experiences and direct you to other useful information sites

  • We recommend Top 10 Tips to Stop Anxiety!

  • Natural remedies for anxiety are really worth trying! They are not addictive, cost less than “drugs” and are effective.

  • Chronic stress is often caused by painful memories or hurt that we drag along with us. A self-directed visualization for cutting ties is a very simple and effective natural way to let go of distressing emotions that create unhealthy baggage.

  • One of my favourite authors, Daniel Goleman, writes about anxiety in “Vital Lies, Simple Truths”Read my review of his very interesting and thoughtful observations.

  • Learn how to use your breath as a self-calming tool. Techniques can be learnt to send yourself chemical messages that calm down the anxiety reaction. Learn how to control your anxiety and panic with simple but hugely effective breathing exercises for anxiety.

  • Eating is one of my most pleasurable past-times. You can choose stress-busting foods to help you cope with anxiety.

  • Perhaps you are not getting enough sleep? Do you know the signs of sleep deprivation? Lack of sleep can make you feel anxious and unable to cope with stress.

  • Have a look at the Beck Anxiety Inventory and rate your levels of anxiety.

And don’t forget to take your time and have a good look at the rest of our site! It is packed with useful, effective and simple-to-use relaxation techniques for beating stress and coping with anxiety. Learning to relax can break the stress pattern.

Stress is nature’s way of making us more capable of physically defending ourselves; anxiety is a modern phenomenon where the way in which we think triggers the same process

Stress and anxiety can feel the same but…

Stress is right time, right place reaction

And anxiety is often a series of negative predictions and projections that trigger the defence mechanism.

More Useful Information

  • Panic attacks? Where do they come from? Panic attacks are a heightened form of anxiety and have scary symptoms. Read more about the signs and symptoms of panic attacks. Make sure you know how to deal with them!

  • Health-Mind-Body was created to provide a wealth of knowledge and advice on healthy living and self-healing thought for women. You will also find articles on health issues for children, men, and seniors.

  • I have collected articles that I have enjoyed and found very useful in my search for balance and peace of mind… Go to my Articles On Stress page, run your eye down the titles and see what appeals to you… Click and enjoy! PS. I keep adding to them regularly so bookmark the page and keep in touch.

It is essential to pinpoint the causes of your anxiety – and deal with them – learn to manage the negative effects of anxiety!

You CAN be calm, cool and in control AND have fun doing it!

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