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Solar Plexus Chakra Essential Oils Third Chakra Aromatherapy

Solar plexus chakra essential oils help you to have a healthy, balanced and spinning solar plexus chakra.

Your solar plexus chakra is found midway between your rib cage and navel, and is associated with the colour yellow.

solar plexus chakra

Emotionally, the solar plexus chakra relates to your self, your ego identity and the use of your personal power

With a healthy third chakra you will relate well with others, understand the bigger picture and have a strong sense of self-awareness and self-confidence.

Physically, the solar plexus chakra also affects the endocrine system as well as the digestive system.

How do you know if your solar plexus chakra is imbalanced? – A sense of gloom sets in. You become fearful and lose your ability to be true to yourself. You give up your personal power, abandon your self-respect and leave your self esteem by the way side…

All signs that a treatment with solar plexus chakra essential oils is necessary…

How Do Essential Oils Work On Chakras?

An essential oil vibrates on a certain frequency and it supports the energy in your body that resonates on a similar frequency. Dark clouds of emotion like fear, greed, loneliness, despair and jealousy are all lower frequency resonances that bring your body down into an imbalanced state of dis-comfort and pain…

By using base chakra essential oils you are actually encouraging your body to raise its own vibrational frequency to a much higher state of health and well-being.

Solar Plexus Oils

    • Frankincense, myrrh, neroli, chamomile, sandalwood and rosemary aromatherapy oils all help to raise your self -image perception.
    • Lemon and juniper assist in cleansing the liver and gallbladder
    • Black pepper and bergamot support the digestive tract, thereby strengthening the physical aspects of this chakra.
    • Ginger is good for low self esteem as well as stomach complaints.
  • Hemp, jasmine, patchouli and neroli are just a few of the chakra essential oils that lower nervous tension and aid in balancing the adrenal glands.

Solar Plexus Exercise

Try this DIY stress relief exercise using solar plexus chakra essential oils.

solar plexus chakra esential oils

It will help you to own your power and also show you just how you give your power away…

Prepare a synergy blend of

  • frankincense (calming and spiritually uplifting)
  • sandalwood (assists with meditation)
  • rosemary (improves concentration and wakes up the brain)

Add a drop or two to a diffuser or candle and get into a meditative state…



    • Think of three people who you consider to be influential or powerful or having the qualities that you would like.


    • Observe what it is about these people that you are attracted to – do they ‘do exactly what they say’ or are they influential or are they capable of saying ‘no’ when they don’t like or agree with something?


    • Write down these qualities on a sheet of paper.


  • Stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself out loud “I AM…….” and read out the qualities that you admire in your chosen people… e.g “I AM influential”.” I AM able to say no”.” I AM making things happen in my life”.



Repeat this solar plexus chakra essential oil exercise several times until you feel you have integrated these qualities.

Physical exercises like sit-ups, martial arts, yoga and even dancing helps you to release tension and focus your power into your solar plexus area.

More Useful Information

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